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30+ Years of Excellence in Dentistry

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At Orion Dental Specialties, we provide care that is designed to meet your dental needs while ensuring your smile would stay healthy and beautiful for the rest of your life.

From a routine checkup, to dental implants, teeth whitening, tooth crown, braces, root canal, cosmetic dentistry, snoring prevention or any other complicated care or procedure, we can help you with the best possible advice and necessary care for you and your family.

Whether you need a simple teeth cleaning, denture or even implants, it's as easy as a few clicks or a simple phone call to schedule an appointment with our office. Our clinic provides services designed to meet your's and your family's needs based on your time and budget. Our regular checkups includes a thorough cleaning, polishing, and an oral exam by dentists. During the oral exam, we will check the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue.

Your treatment plan will entail a step-by-step process detailing all aspects of your procedure. The duration of your treatment will depend on the extent of work needed, but in the end, it will all be worth it. Your teeth, mouth, and smile will be healthy and beautiful for the rest of your life.

Call our office to come in for a tour and of course a complimentary oral exam by dentist. Your time in our clinic should be pleasant and comfortable.

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Our Dentists, Dr. Melanie Farzam and Dr. Farnam Farzam, are experienced family dentists, with extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, pediatric, implants and prosthetic dentistry, periodontics and sedation dentistry. With more than 37years of combined experience in treating patients with problems and gum disease, we are the most reliable practice where you can access the complete range of treatment specialties all under one roof. We offer a range of service, from free yoga for the family to music lesson for kids while we are taking car of you.

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Orion Dental Specialties in Cypress, TX. Near You

With More Than Thirty Years of Excellence in Dentistry

A lifetime of healthy smiles starts here

  • We believe in providing optimal treatment results, but recognize that the overall experience is crucial, too. That’s why we customize treatment plans to each individual’s goals and expectations.
  • Being clinically competent and providing advanced infection control are standards we strive to exceed with the newest technology and techniques in dentistry.
  • We are especially attentive to everyone’s individual needs, and do our best to be helpful with insurance, flexible scheduling, flexible payment options, and any special needs that our families and patients have.
  • Parents and patients will be reassured by the level of expertise of our friendly and highly experienced staff.

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Patient Reviews on Google

  • Great Experience! Great service from an efficient staff. Dr. Farzam does a fantastic job. I love how all the cost of treatment is clear and upfront. The office spoke with my insurance and everything went smoothly. This has been the best medical experience I have had.
  • Great dentistry experience here, great staff
    the office itself is like an art gallery, very artistic ambience you’ll enjoy while great music is playing in the background
  • Absolutely the best dental experience I have ever had. After years of neglect because, I had terrible experiences, I was afraid of the dentist, I needed extensive work. The doctor explained every part of the procedure and took great care of easing my insecurities of the dentist. It has been years since I have smiled without covering my mouth. I would trust no one else with my or my families dental care.
  • What a lovely place - stylish and pleasant to be! The visit was at the appointed time!The atmosphere is friendly, attentive, professional! My 8 year old got his questions answered on behalf of his x-ray! We are going to continue to use their services.

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  • 30+ Years Dentistry Experience

  • Best Dentistry Technology

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